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Thursday, June 21, 2012

For The Want of Yellow Heatshrink

This is sort of a rant...

Some time ago, the ABYC standards people designated yellow as the "new black" for color coding  DC negative (-) wiring. That is, the negative leads of DC wiring should be coded yellow. The purpose is to eliminate confusion with the 'hot' side AC wiring (black).

So, you can get all sorts of wire sizes jacketed in yellow and many other colors. There is even duplex wire with red and yellow leads intended for DC wiring.

What is missing is YELLOW HEATSHRINK! While there are plenty of different sizes of black, red and white heatshrink (1/2, 3/8, 1/4 inch),  I have found only one size of yellow heatshrink, 3/4 inch diameter. This is the right size for 1/0 battery cable or larger, but it is too big for smaller wire.

While I am using yellow wire, it would be nice to have matching heatshrink color on the terminal ends, no?

Or am I being too compulsive?


She:Kon said...

Robert Sutton said...

Thanks. Yeah, a lot on the internet. This was more a whine about my regular vendors not carrying the stuff.

Christopher Hubbell said...

You're not being too compulsive at all. Many times I need to get a project done {now} and not after a few days of Internet shipping. I have black heat shrink on my yellow wires and it bugs me. It still bugs me that my local Boating Superstore primarily carries double-crimp connectors rather than heat shrink connectors too, so I'm just as compulsive!

Tate said...

I ran yellow wire and then just used the clear shrink.

Anonymous said...

Use the red and you could be looking at some hard time. Colin

Myron svDiscovery said...

Compulsive is good...

Robert Sutton said...

LOL. Due to yellow heatshrink shortage, I have been using black on the terminal ends of the yellow wire. I figure its "mostly" yellow, and if you still confuse it, well..

So sue me.

Tate, great idea on the clear shrink, but my vendors don't carry clear either!