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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Main Salon Portlight Ideas

Time is approaching to start cutting holes in the deck for portlights (while the weather is dry). I have been undecided on what to do with the main salon windows. We want something that provides much light. It does not have to be opening. The raised cabin trunk of the main salon provides a large area on the sides for windows. A search for off-the-shelf portlights yields nothing that does not look awkward if not expensive.  I have seen a Westsail 42 with plain rectangular opening portlights installed (two on each side), but it just doesn't "look right".

So, I have resigned to the fact that we will have to do something custom. Not a big deal. It will be a bit more work, but it will be fun. With that, we are now presented with a chance to do something unique, or stick to the original window style. As much as I like the Westsail 42, I was never struck by the design of the main salon windows. But as I browse or think on it, I haven't discovered a design that looks any better. Then again, I am no designer.

What to do for main salon portlights?
Is there are portlight design you have seen that you like?
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