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Monday, June 25, 2012

Mastervolt User Interface Components

The user interface panel has been installed in the engine room. It includes three user control devices: MasterView Easy touch screen, three-switch circuit board, and four-switch circuit board.
MasterView and two banks of switches

The MasterView device is a simple touch screen that enables monitor and control of the MasterBus system devices. The three and four switch circuit boards require attachment of Carling style rocker switches, which is then connected to the MasterBus to provide switch events. These switches can be programmed to control any number of devices on the network.
Blue Seas Contura switch and three/four switch circuit boards.
For readers considering this system and these switch circuit boards on their own boat, a word of caution. The switch banks, while standard in that they designed for Carling style switches, may not match that of the mounting bezel you are using. For example, I am using the Blue Sea Systems Contura rocker switches and their switch mount bezel. The spacing on the three switch board matches perfect, the four switch does not. Turns out the spacing of the terminals on the four switch board is slightly wider than the three switch version. That means the switches cannot plug directly into the board while still fitting within the mounting bezel. A solution is to create a bunch of short wire jumpers with male/female spade connectors to connect the switches to the board. Sort of awkward, but it works.

No plans yet on what switches will control what devices. These switches will initially be used for experimentation, and may be relocated somewhere else on the boat in the end.

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