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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Main Salon Portlights: More Ideas

Here is the latest design on the main salon portlights. This version maximizes lighting by maximizing area. It has the traditional W42 dead light style with a twist: aft light is a mirror of the forward light with the sloping edge. The lights can be slide opening to provide ventilation.


Thoughts include having custom portlights made by Diamond SeaGlaze of Langley B.C.. These guys make quality custom windows any shape for yachts big and small, production and one-off. One DSG style being considered is a medium duty split-glass slide-opening portlight (D15). These lights are framed with 6063 aluminum that can be anodized/powder coated to any color. Except stainless, which will be the rest of the lights around the boat. It might cause a little "visual clashing" but for a quality window like this, I think I could live with it. Besides, custom windows in the main areas with traditional portights around seems to be common on many sailboats.


She:Kon said...

Not sure where you're located but there's a few other window mfgr's that you might want to look at. Although I imagine you've already seen these.


Dani said...

They look wonderful! Wow you are going to have so much light in the salon:D.

You are making me want to change our portlights. LOL.

I'll suppose i'll have to be content with looking at yours.