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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bow Pulpit Beginnings (For Real)

Some time ago, earlier in this blog, I think I talked about all the design work and testing I did for the bow pulpit. This, based on the plan to build the boat starting at "both ends and work toward the center." I was all ready to pull the trigger on the stainless fabrication. Turned out it was easier, for a number of reasons, to start in the middle and work toward the ends. This put pulpit construction on hold. Well, I have now reached the "ends". The pieces for the forward anchor locker have been cut and fitted for some time, but final glass-in has been waiting on bow pulpit placement (I need access to the bulwarks that will be blocked once the anchor locker is glassed in). For this reason, progress must be made on the pulpit.

I dug up and finalized the original design work. I am now awaiting parts for the "platform" portion of the pulpit. In a couple weeks we should have things spotted and mounted.

Part I: Bow Pulpit Platform
This is just "Part I" to get the base platform down which includes bulwark attachment plates and the forestay/bobstay plates. The platform is designed for easy attachment/detachment from the bulwarks. Once mounted, it will be removable for Part II & III. Part II is the addition of anchor slots and rollers (plus some more reinforcement, in the two big triangles on the right). Part III is the addition of the rail superstructure.

More later.

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