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Monday, August 06, 2012

Grab Bag Weekend

As is often the case, the weekend was progress on lots of little sub-projects, but none fully complete. Some highlights...

  • Aft cabin overhead liner cleats cut and dryfit (involved nasty fiberglass grinding around the aft deck hatch)
  • Bow pulpit (yes, I know, long overdue) mount point spotting and preparation on the bulwarks. This involved removing two gooped in stainless cap head bolts clamping the hull and deck (very tedious and very annoying).
  • Jig construction for bow pulpit mount brackets, to be used by our stainless fabrication guy, to help keep everything straight and aligned as he builds it (coming soon). 
  • Main salon window sample cutout and mounting, for testing. See picture below.
Window size and placement testing
The window samples (black portion) represent the glass (no flange). The DSG medium duty windows have a 3/4 inch flange. If we wanted to squeeze out another 3/4 inch perimeter of window area, we could. Something to think about.

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