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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bow Pulpit Platform Test Fit

The bow pulpit platform, just tack welded together for now, is on the boat. The aft bracket mounting holes matched with those of the cap rail, and the rig fitting plates align with the center line.

The toughest part of the fit was simply getting the thing on the boat. The thing is awkward in size and not very light. What's worse is there is no place to grip the thing near the center of gravity. For one person to try and carry it up the stairs into the boat risks losing control and dropping.

With the platform on the boat, came a revision to the plan (of course!). The original plan was to do this in three phases: platform, anchor hardware, upper rail structure. After staring at the thing I realized part of the second phase could/should be done now, and leave the rest till later. So, the anchor chain rubstrakes/straps/chain stoppers, are being fitted now.

More to come...

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