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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Precious Metals: Bow Pulpit Test Fit

Part I of the bow pulpit has arrived for fit testing. It is made from 316 stainless steel tubing (2 and 1.5 inch) and half-inch plate. Though just tack welded for now, it looks very nice and shiny.

In financial news this week, the chairman of the Federal Reserve lifted other metals, like gold and silver, to significant heights. I wish could do the same for the shiny stainless steel bow pulpit, and make it lift onto the deck. One person can pick it up, but being eight feet long overall, it is awkward to move around. And it is not exactly light. Perhaps I should have been a banker.

So... this weekend, I need to find an easy way to get this thing on deck without scratching it.


Bill K said...

What you need is a mast and a boom.LOL

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Bill Kelleher

Robert Sutton said...

Ha. How I wish I had a mast and boom. It would mean I an farther along in the project!!

Colin said...

I worked as a CNC operator in a fab shop some years back. After they finished welding up a SS job, they used a sort of buffing wheel with diamond 'dust' impregnated in it. They used no creams/polish. It quickly removed the discoloration but also removed any flash and smoothed down the weld quickly. I recall that you had to keep the wheel moving along or it would start to dig a visible groove.

Robert Sutton said...

Colin, while I can appreciate CNC (I would love to build a plasma cutting CNC machine real bad) my SS fab guy is old skool. He does everything by hand (NO electro-plating), and it certainly shows. I liken his work to making jewelry. And, he is a master welder on the TIG machine. One day, I WILL be just like him. That is my goal.