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Monday, October 22, 2012

Aft Cabin Settees Are In!

Glued, screwed and painted, with full insulation installed (the black stuff).

I also test-fitted a couple shelves to help get a feel for best use of space. Drawers would be nice, but the space is not square, and installation would be challenging and perhaps space inefficient. Shelves, within an opening cabinet door are easier.
Finally, it gets covered in plastic to keep dust and dirt out.
Finish work would be next. But, we still are not sure what we want for a finish look. And, to be honest, I am dragging my feet by finding and finishing every little mechanical project as a diversion until we figure it out.

As it stands, much of the interior is covered in cardboard or plastic, ready for finish work. So the day of reckoning is creeping closer.


Dani said...

Looks Great! What kinds of prep and paint did you use? What color and finish is the paint also?

Robert Sutton said...

Thanks. The paint is Interlux Bilgekote Enamel White. I had my local hardware store tint it with some off-white color for free. Bilgekote, while not exactly cheap, is tough, dries fast, smooth and glossy.

Travis and Maggie said...

Wow I can really appreciate your work. Bilgekote is all those things you say and it will not mold! Nice job!

Dani said...

Can I ask what you did to prepare the surface? Thanks to your beautiful work I'm thiking of painting the interior of the cabinets with Bilgekote.

Some of the cabinets have old paint (I have no idea what kind but it has to be 20 years old at least), and some walls with wood.
I'm thinking to give everything a nice sand with 220 grit sand paper. Vacuum then wash with TSP and let dry. Then paint.

Do you recommend 2 or 3 coats more and did you sand inbetween each coat?


Robert Sutton said...


I did not pre-sand the settee surfaces. It is Aquatek plywood which is pretty smooth as it is. But I figure since they will be covered by cushions, sanding was not necessary.

I did apply one coat of primer (Interlux Brightside Primer) before the first (and only) coat of color.

I used a 3 inch thin foam roller after cutting in the corners with a brush. The roller lays down a pretty even coat. Had I used a brush, two coats of color would have been needed.

If these were outward facing panels I would have sanded with 220 using a 5 inch palm sander and vacuumed between coats, like you mentioned.