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Monday, October 22, 2012

Aft Cabin Settees Are In!

Glued, screwed and painted, with full insulation installed (the black stuff).

I also test-fitted a couple shelves to help get a feel for best use of space. Drawers would be nice, but the space is not square, and installation would be challenging and perhaps space inefficient. Shelves, within an opening cabinet door are easier.
Finally, it gets covered in plastic to keep dust and dirt out.
Finish work would be next. But, we still are not sure what we want for a finish look. And, to be honest, I am dragging my feet by finding and finishing every little mechanical project as a diversion until we figure it out.

As it stands, much of the interior is covered in cardboard or plastic, ready for finish work. So the day of reckoning is creeping closer.
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