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Thursday, November 08, 2012

Foredeck/Anchor Washdown

One of the features high on the admiral's list was to have a foredeck washdown pump. Washdown pumps  are handy for cleaning the anchor and chain as it is being pulled up from a muddy bottom  Also, we have dogs that we take boating, and they do their "business" on the foredeck. Being able to hose down the deck makes for easier cleaning.
Washdown pump assembly
So here is the washdown assembly made from
  • coiled garden hose, all brass fittings
  • 4 inch PVC drain pipe to contain the coiled hose, with cap and lanyard
  • various valves and plumbing fittings
  • mounting bracket made from plywood (epoxy coated and painted)
Actually, there is no specific pump for the washdown fittings. The hose is fed by raw water (seawater) as well as fresh water (drawn from the tanks) from the existing plumbing running throughout the boat.. Valves on the assembly enable selection of either.
Mounted to underside of upper chain locker
The assembly is mounted in the upper chain locker, upper left corner, out of the way of any anchor rode, fastened to the underside of the deck. Access from the deck is easy: pop off the deck hatch, reach down and remove the PVC cap, pull the hose up and out.
Pressure testing the hose/pump
This installation gave an opportunity to pressure test the raw water plumbing system. For now it is drawing from a bucket of rainwater outside the boat. While not exactly city water pressure, it should be enough for most washdown jobs. And, the tank-less Whale electric pumps do produce a steady stream as advertised.

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Nice work.