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Monday, November 26, 2012

Shaft Coupler Puller

For a while now, a temporary prop shaft, with coupler has been attached to the Aqua-Drive thrust bearing. Everything has been set and aligned. The mechanics under this part of the floor need to be finalized before the rest of the aft cabin framing can happen. This includes the engine waterlift muffler, plumbing and the AquaDrive secondary shaft. So, what was previously dry fitted, needs to be taken apart. Despite having tapped the the coupler onto the shaft with some oil, it was not going to part by simply pulling by hand. It is too snug. So, with a scrap 5 inch round of 1/4 inch stainless steel plate, and some bolts from the hardware store, I constructed a coupler puller. Total cost: $10.
Newly constructed puller
 Basically a round plate, with a length of all-thread in the center, and six bolts matching the pattern of the coupler.
Coupler puller mounted and being compressed to push out the shaft.
Thread all of the bolts to the coupler, set the center all thread to the center on the end of the shaft. One-by-one tighten the perimeter bolts to compress the plate and push the shaft out of the coupler. A bit tedious and time consuming, but it all comes apart in the end.

Coupler removed!
Better than whacking it with a hammer (and the damage that could be done as a result).

Having pulled a coupler on the small boat, by hacking it with bolts and various deep socket drives and extensions (not exactly what such tools are to be used for), this little device will be kept with the boat for the inevitable coupler removal in the future.


Colin said...

Failure of the diesels raw water pump is all too common in sailboats. I heard an idea I thought I would pass along. If the vessel has an electric wash down pump, run a leg to the diesels raw water pump. Tee it in with a valve on the raw water pumps discharge side. If the motor sounds an overheat alarm, just start the electric pump and open the valve until you can get a chance to service it...Opinion Mr Spock.

Conall said...

Nice looking tool and a good looking project you're doing.


Robert Sutton said...

Colin, having had raw water impellers fail on the small boat, in rough conditions, on TWO separate occasions, I think that is an idea I will consider.

Should be easy enough with this installation.

The Incredible Hull said...

Robert, I hereby pass on this comment from a shaft coupling acquaintance of mine; (French Accent) "ello Monsieur Sutton, I hereby laugh in de face of your pitiful shaft coupling remover, I have been frozen in place for 6 long years and have rusted myself in situ. I am not for moving. I piss on your little contraption and it will snap just when you tink it will work. I have made grown men cry even when they come at me with sledge hammers and flame throwers and I snigger as they slide around in their own blood. à bientôt suckker!!!!"

Just passing it on for what its worth, Gerry.

Robert Sutton said...

Gerry, HA! Yeah, I am under no pretension of this being a miracle tool. These are boats afterall.

But for $10 in hardware and a scrap piece of metal, I don't have much to lose.