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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Exhausting Little Stuff

As usually happens this time of year, lots of work on little projects with nothing really to report on.

I am still waiting for some parts to fully fit the exhaust system, but here is an update.

This is the Vetus waterlift muffler strapped onto a small riser platform made of Coosa board. The riser keeps the muffler 1.5 inches above the bilge, out of any oil or water that may be present. The platform, in turn, will be secured to floor supports fore and aft, via some brackets, to keep the muffler from moving.
Here is the muffler in place. Aquadrive thrust bearing on the left, opening to the engine room on the right. The wooden dowel is a stand-in for the real AquaDrive CV shaft.

This is the "transmission's eye view" looking aft. The engine/transmission output shaft would be right about where the camera is. Plenty of clearance between muffler and CV shaft, with room for exhaust hose and fittings.

More to come once the parts come in.

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