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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Raw Water Supply and Distribution

This is the plumbing to manage seawater input from the thru-hull to sea-water consuming devices such as:
  • Propulsion engine (cooling)
  • domestic plumbing fittings
  • Water maker
  • Generator (cooling)
I like the concept of a "sea chest" glassed into the hull, and have seen such installations on similar boats. But I determined there is no practical place for one with the current layout. The following is the next best thing I could devise.

This is a cast bronze multi-port strainer from Marine Hardware. It has one 1 1/4-inch inlet, two 3/4-inch outlets, and one 1-inch outlet. The inlet will be fed from a 1 1/2-inch seacock/thru-hull.

assembled with plumbing
The inspection dome (lid) is made from heavy duty plastic with a large plastic nut. Loosening the nut allows the lid and mesh strainer to be removed for cleaning.
lid and strainer removed
 The outlets are plumbed with ball valves with easy access allowing quick shutoff.
Underside view of three ball valves from the manifold
Mounted on a bracket against the bulkhead

Closeup of the outlet ports


paul kessinger said...

Very cool. What a big manly-man chunk of bronze!

Is it mounted below the waterline so the bowl fills naturally or do the pumps on the various devices pull the water up and through?

Robert Sutton said...


The thing is just about AT the waterline. If anything maybe a bit higher. I expect to do some adjustments once in the water (sometime, in the future... I hope... ;-)

The Incredible Hull said...


I put the top of mine at the waterline so that I could clean the filter without having to close the sea-cock.


Rhys said...

I wouldhave done the same, however, I have a standpipe and the Perko strainer is at the waterline teed off this standpipe.

The only improvement on the standpipe I can see is putting in a hinged Delrin flap to keep the fishes and debris (down to an 1/8th of an inch) out.