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Monday, December 03, 2012

Waterlift Muffler

I have been planning for the engine waterlift wet-exhaust muffler to be located underneath the aft cabin floor. From there it will lift (quite steeply) to a gooseneck then gently slope aft and out the stern.

The trouble is finding a waterlift muffler, with substantial volume, to fit under the floor in the bilge. One requirement of these mufflers is that they have enough volume to capture all of the residual water falling back from the tail end of the hose and prevent it from backing into the engine. Maximizing the reserve capacity in these mufflers is always good. Consider the case of a hard starting engine (for whatever reason). Continual cranks to get the engine going will fill the muffler with water until the engine fires up and blows the water out the stern. A low volume muffler risks saltwater water backing up into engine's exhaust port which could be damaging to the engine if not addressed quickly.
Vetus LSG60 Waterlift Muffler

I was expecting we would need a custom fiberglass muffler constructed, but then I came across a Vetus waterlock muffler that just *might* fit. The published dimensions indicated it slightly too big. I ordered it anyway expecting to return it if I could not make it work.
Muffler dryfit
Turns out to be a perfect fit. It says it has a 4.5 gallon capacity. But more important is that the long narrow muffler nicely fills the space allocated in the bilge and has easy access. And it gives just enough space for the AquaDrive CV shaft. I had looked at Centek canister mufflers, but the Vetus was more space efficient.

1 comment:

Rhys said...

I am still on the fence between the Vetus NLP-50S and the equivalent Centek. I have a similar bilge and AQ setup, but for access's sake I would prefer to mount the waterlift to the hull (with some kind of isolation material) and then up to a transverse exhaust, as my boat has two aperatures for that purpose already (well, two that can be modified).

Nice fit, however. That's the big brother of the model I have in my smaller boat. Vetus makes good gear.