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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lower Exhaust System

The lower exhaust system is in!

Center cockpit designed sailboats with auxiliary propulsion engines amidships tend to share a common design constraint. That is, how to lead mechanical bits aft without interfering with the aft cabin living spaces. Example bits are the engine exhaust and rudder steering.
Waterlift muffler with input hose from the engine room

Here I have chosen to run the engine exhaust under the floor. The cramped spaces coupled with the inflexibility of rubber exhaust hose meant that I had to put in a few elbow joints. A few more than I would prefer as the more joints, the greater the chance of leakage. But, it is what it is.
Vertical rise of the hose a bit close to the coupler
The vertical piece of hose leading up from the waterlift muffler, clears the prop shaft and coupler, but it is still a bit too close for comfort. We don't want the hose chafing on a spinning prop shaft. I need to devise something to tie it out of the way for an extra inch or two clearance.
Vertical rise of exhaust up the the gooseneck (not pictured)
The exhaust hose rises up to join with the gooseneck and will ultimately exit the stern.

With the hose fitted I can now frame in the remaining cabinetry and floor pedestals for the aft-head.
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