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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Green Monsters

"Green Monsters" is the name given to these more powerful motors. I just finished swapping out the old motors on two of the three axes of the CNC table. With stronger holding torque these, hopefully, will eliminate the occasional 'slip' problems I had previously.
Old motor left, "green monster" right
What better method to test these new motors than unleashing them on a piece of a aluminum! This next picture is a mystery boat part cut from quarter inch aluminum plate, as an initial test.
Test cut of aluminum
Further review of the existing electronics of the machine reveal that I am not getting %100 of the motors torque rating. The green monsters are rated at 400 oz-in. The previous motors are 260 oz-in. But the existing driver electronics can only supply up to 3.5 amps. The green monsters can take up to 4.2 amps (the old motors were set at 2.6 amps). So, while the new motors are better, there is still room for improvement by upgrading the driver electronics. Something to consider should I encounter problems in the future.
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