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Monday, February 04, 2013

More Pocket Door Tests

This time, the tests are to help get a feel for look. As in "how much exposed wood grain to we want?" Lots of dark wood, like teak, may cause the interior to feel like a dark cave. Here I replaced the test MDF pocket doors with Meranti faced plywood, which is a bit lighter than teak.
Door between aft cabin and engine room

In these pictures, the actual sliding doors have been varnished (2 coats Epiphanes wood gloss, 2 coats Epiphanes rubbed effect satin finish). The pocket covering "panels" are bare. The pictures show quite a contrast.
Door between tunnel and aft cabin

However, this test is not complete without some natural sunlight, for which there is none. Nevermind it being grey and cold outside, but there are no hatches or portlights to let light in. Portlight installation is one of the next projects coming up soon.
Unfinished cabin facing side of "pocket"
I expect a lot of this sort of testing this year as we try and arrive at some sort of wood/color choice.


Dani said...

Boy this is a tough one. Obviously the varnished wood looks better, but only because it has alot of detail and contrast when you shine a bright light on it.

However in a boat where often there isn't a ton of light, this may appear super dark. I would have to see the lighter wood varnished or in whatever finish state it would be in on the boat.

I'm leaning towards lighter BUT with the right amount of space and light accents the darker may give a richer and more homey feel.

Someone who had been cruising alot gave this great piece of advice:

"It's easy now to want to lighten and brighten the interior when you are landlocked, with trees, dirt, and possibly cold weather but once you start cruising in sunny areas with lots of clear blue water, sandy beaches devoid of trees you will really appreciate having something homely and cozy to retreat to".

That made alot of sense. Good luck with your choice!

Robert Sutton said...

Thanks for the tips Dani. I think we will wait till we get portlights in to make final color judgements. I think natural light might make a big difference over florescent. lol.