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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Router Table Resurface is Done

I finally installed the new router table surface that I had cut a couple months ago.
Fitting the new vacuum plenum.
The original surface was from when I built the machine. Its condition has been quite trashed from all the cutting, resulting in uneven Z heights, and therefore, uneven depths for the router bit. A new surface helps smooths all of this out.
Conditioning the top layer underside to match the vacuum zones.
I was tempted to install more accurate V-rails on the gantry, which would provide even more consistent height, but I could not bring myself to take apart and reassemble the thing. It would be quite a job. Instead, I shimmed up the table surface in a couple low spots and filed down the steel bearing rails to get a more consistent Z height. My guesstimate is that Z height now varies within 0.05 inches. Not perfect, but better than before. We'll see how the first cuts go.
Final gluing of table surface using hi-tech weights!
I have also decided to upgrade the drive motors. The existing motors are rated at 260 oz-in of torque. In the past, I have had some cuts where the X and Z drives have slipped. I have located some 400 oz-in motors that can be swapped out quite easily. These are the strongest motors I could find without moving to a larger motor frame. This extra torque will help as I start cutting more hardwood this summer.
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