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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Router Table Resurface is Done

I finally installed the new router table surface that I had cut a couple months ago.
Fitting the new vacuum plenum.
The original surface was from when I built the machine. Its condition has been quite trashed from all the cutting, resulting in uneven Z heights, and therefore, uneven depths for the router bit. A new surface helps smooths all of this out.
Conditioning the top layer underside to match the vacuum zones.
I was tempted to install more accurate V-rails on the gantry, which would provide even more consistent height, but I could not bring myself to take apart and reassemble the thing. It would be quite a job. Instead, I shimmed up the table surface in a couple low spots and filed down the steel bearing rails to get a more consistent Z height. My guesstimate is that Z height now varies within 0.05 inches. Not perfect, but better than before. We'll see how the first cuts go.
Final gluing of table surface using hi-tech weights!
I have also decided to upgrade the drive motors. The existing motors are rated at 260 oz-in of torque. In the past, I have had some cuts where the X and Z drives have slipped. I have located some 400 oz-in motors that can be swapped out quite easily. These are the strongest motors I could find without moving to a larger motor frame. This extra torque will help as I start cutting more hardwood this summer.


The Incredible Hull said...

Just spoke to the Mastervolt gang at the Miami Boat show, lots going on in conjunction with BEP. They mentioned that they are developing an iPad app to control the Mastervolt system, sounds promising.


Robert Sutton said...

Thanks for the info Gerry. I myself prefer android. Maybe by the time this project is done(?) they will have the app.