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Saturday, March 09, 2013

Galley Stores

Shelving has been fitted and painted in the area known as the "tunnel". I am calling this area "convertible storage" as we have had thoughts of putting a hanging locker, or even an appliance in here. That may or may not happen so for now it is designated as galley storage for dry/canned food stuffs. It has quick access from the galley (within arm's reach).
Shelves fitted and painted

The shelving is half-inch plywood pre-laminated with plastic laminate for durability (both sides). Everything is mounted with screws, not glued, should we decide to convert the storage later. The idea for the face framing is to include large locking cupboard doors to keep things contained as the boat moves.
The tunnel, looking aft

Great storage for power tools and stuff
I need to deal with the starboard side deck drain, when weather is dry, before this can be finished out. Till then it makes great storage for power tools and stuff.
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