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Friday, March 22, 2013

Steering: Design Update

Ok, so the final design wasn't completely "final". Since that last post, we have simplified the design by removing one bevel box and adding a U-joint. This more evenly distributes the angles among the joints. It should provide for a smoother steering action. Also, removal of a bevel box and addition of a U-joint should reduce the net cost.
Side view - Updated steering plan
The update involves moving the main reduction gear closer to the rudder post, which makes for more compact space utilization. A couple aluminum brackets to mount the U-joint flange bearings will be needed (fabrication should be simple).

The U-joint that replaces a bevel box
More to come...


Rhys said...

Without trolling through hundreds of posts to figure out the layout of your aft cabin, is it crazy to suggest that these articulations and shafts could run along the aft cabin ceiling?

I mention it because I'm planning on installing what in essence is a vertical "stripper pole" in our aft cabin to route electrical and data cables to the aft deck "sailing helm", which will avoid two right-angle turns that the hydraulic lines take all the way to the stern and back. Similar brass or SS "bus posts" will route tank vents from the keel to the pilothouse roof, and of course will serve as handholds.

Just a thought...

Robert Sutton said...

No way could it go under the ceiling without a lot of exposed mechanics and relocation of the helm.

Rhys said...

OK, fair enough. I clearly have to read more to get a better impression of the interior of your Westsail.

I think the last mod is an improvement, however, and the Jefa setup is the bomb.