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Thursday, April 04, 2013

Cabinet Face Finish Test

This is a mock-up of a cabinet face section intended to try out styles, woods, and construction techniques. The piece simulates a cupboard door. It is non-functional. There are no hinges, and the push-button latch is just the button only.
Finished Mock-up
 As for the style:
  • two wood species: a contrasting light and dark. In this case it is alder (light, solid) and meranti (dark, plywood). Except for the light/dark test, the species are irrelevant. I just used what I had on hand.
  • The top and bottom trim is alder. The top piece has horizontal grooves. The idea behind this 'grille' is to provide ventilation for the contents inside. We stole this idea from examples seen in some other boats (Hallberg-Rassy and Oyster).
  • the reveal of the door is edge-banded with alder to cover the plywood edges
  • decorative horizontal grooved inlay matches the reveal top and bottom to accentuate the horizontal line styling
  • the finish is Interlux Goldspar satin interior finish


I used the CNC to cut the base panel including pockets for the inlay. Solid alder was hand fitted into the inlay with epoxy, planed and sanded flush. Finally the inner cutout of the door, and the matching inlay grooves were cut with CNC. As for the upper and lower trim pieces, the grooves of the grille were cut on CNC, hand-trimmed and routed to finish.
Cutting pockets for inlay

Hand-fitting alder inlay

Again, this is just a test. If we were to follow this style, construction would be more involved. We would have to do the edge-banding on the door by hand to get a solid edge.

We have more ideas and will be trying different wood, veneer, etc. So expect more tests like this.


The Incredible Hull said...

Thats just cheating. I can find no mention of a CNC machine in my copy of Practical Yacht Joinery by Fred P. Bingham (Apr 1983).

Clipper said...

The amazing thing about your site is the amount of effort you are putting int just thinking about things before you do them. On my build, I am striving to think things through and I have had some success in this area, but you site is an absolute inspiration in this area and I thank you for that. I love the look of the mockup.

Robert Sutton said...

Gerry, they say that "tools doth not a craftsman make". To which I add: "But it can really help"

Clipper, thanks for the kind words.