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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Other Boat Chores

Spring is here. The winter cover of the small boat is slowly coming off piece by piece. With that is revealed all the maintenance chores.
There are many varnish chores hiding underneath that cover

This hawse pipe, problematic for many seasons, will finally get fixed.

Electronics removed last fall for re-configuration, now sitting on the floor next to my desk, have to be re-installed

Bilge pump discharge ball valve handle (steel) is ready to break off. Handle will replaced with a stainless steel handle

I did not clean the fridge last season (again). But it has been powered on all winter so there were few biology experminents in progress.

Propane tank almost empty
Add to that

  • clean bbq
  • change engine oil
  • re-stitch dodger canvas
  • stitch new winch covers
  • check outboard
...and many more to be discovered I am sure.

FYI, we do sail boats on occasion. Not just work on them.
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