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Monday, April 08, 2013

Random Progress

As with most weekends, the last two days saw lots of little progress with nothing really "finished" (what is that word anyway?)...


This area will be clad in plastic laminate, to stand up to the abuse of throwing bags of sails, dirty fenders, canvas bits, boat hooks, etc. Its sort of pointless to finish it in a nice wood. A number of p-lam pieces have been cut and laminated in place.

Laminating the kick panel

kick panel laminated

Hull side panels cut and dry-fitted
Still lots more to do here.

Forward Salon Inner Shelves

These are the shelves that sit behind the cabinet doors (mocked up in the previous post). I used up my remaining stock of plastic pre-laminated half inch plywood. Very handy stuff.

Dinette "Inner" Shelves

There is much potential storage space under the port side deck, next to the dinette. But, when the dinette is installed, access to this space will be difficult. Not ever wanting "dead space" in this boat, I determined the easiest means of access will be through trap-doors. The top space will be accessed through "cubby-holes" next to the dinette. Spaces underneath are accessed by lifting these trap doors. More direct access would be nice, but it is what it is. At least there is "access".

Inner shelves with trap doors (a couple books testing the space)

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