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Monday, May 27, 2013

New Router Table

Long planned for the shop, this is the last of the tools for finish woodworking. I had designated a 36 x 36 inch cabinet, way back when, to be the worksurface of a new router table. It is a heavy duty laminated table surface with T-tracks for fences, feather boards and other handy doo-dads. The center plate that holds the router has a lift mechanism for easy height adjustment and bit changing. The fence attachment has a dust collection port.
New router table surface inset into existing cabinet
I placed an order for this thing way back in January, and the retailer, since then, had back ordered the supplier three times due to overwhelming demand. I am hoping the popularity is due this device's reliability and accuracy. Just a dryfit for now, I am waiting for the 3.25 HP router motor still on back order.
Router motor lift mechanism. Note dust collection ducts behind.
Unlike the cheap Costco router table it replaces, this, and the bits it uses, this will ONLY be used on wood. The cheap Costco unit will be kept around for routing composite materials such as Coosa board,  foam, and/or anything with fiberglass.

More on this later.

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