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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Portlight And Steering Installation Has Begun

These projects are ongoing for the next few weeks.

We will be installing portlights from Newfound Metals all around the boat. I cutout a number of templates and jigs on the CNC machine, based on drawings from the NFM website. These to help spot, center, and cutout the cabin sides to receive the portlights. The first cutout went without a hitch.
Portlight cutout, exterior
As we have one inch of thermal insulation on the inside, a one inch spacer, CNC cut from Coosa board is epoxied in place around the cutout. Portlights can be notorious problems on boats due to leakage from poor or inadequate installation. Of course, compared to plywood, coosa will not absorb water and will not rot. I am determined that this will not be the case for this boat.
Portlight cutout, interior

The torque tubes, bevel gears and flange bearings have been dry fitted underneath the aft cabin floor. The trick will be to "hang" the main reduction gear near the rudder post, to dry fit the geometry. From there, the surrounding framing support structure can be finalized. Then, all the components come out so the structure can be glassed in.
Steering drive, underneath aft cabin floor.

Steering bevel gear in engine room.

Rain is in the forecast tomorrow. Today will be spent cutting out more portlights before the wet arrives.

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