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Friday, June 14, 2013

New (Temporary) Companionway Slide

The previous temporary companionway hatch was made from scrap plywood and painted to help resist weather. It was weather stripped to keep rain water out. The plywood ultimately delaminated and has been falling apart. I have created a new companionway slide from aluminum and lexan.

Using 80/20 framing, the aluminum frame is thru-bolted to the deck. The slotted rails provide the slide action for the half inch tinted lexan hatch. The hatch is held captive in the rails with a matching profile of UHMW which is bolted to the lexan.

Butyl tape is compressed between the aluminum and deck, as well as the lexan and UHMW. This should work pretty good for keeping water out.

While still temporary, I think I will build on this concept when the final hatch is installed.

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