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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Plastic Teak

Received a shipment of plastic teak last week. Admittedly, it does not look like real teak. In fact it does not look like any species of wood at all, except... maybe... plastic wood.

Purchased from PlasTeak, it is made from recycled plastic, resistant to UV, and is quite durable. This is the stock to be used for the bulwark caprail and the outer hull rub-rail. It is lighter, and bends more freely than real teak hardwood. We have had a test piece installed on the caprail, exposed to the weather for a couple years now, and it looks the same as the day it was installed.
While we can appreciate the look of nicely varnished teak, we no longer care for the maintenance. With all the varnished teak the small boat has, I think we have paid more than enough dues to the varnished wood gods to be excused for using this stuff.

Hope to start installing this over the next few weeks.

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