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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Deck Drain Rough Install

Way back when, when we first got this project, I replaced the makeshift deck drains (PVC pipe and silicone sealant), with something a bit more permanent. I used some cast stainless wide mouth deck drains for 1.5 inch hose from ABI (now out of business). The original drains dropped down below deck, and make a right turn discharging through a fitting in the side of the hull. A problem was that the thru-hull for the side discharge was 2 inch hose. Back then, there was not an obvious solution to adapt the 1.5 to 2 inch hose diameter, so, for the time being, I just ran a piece of 1.5 inch hose out the side, figuring I would eventually find a way to adapt the hose diameter.

For the last couple years, I just could not find the necessary plumbing parts to adapt the hose. I searched for  everything from nylon, to bronze, to PVC fittings to adapt the hose while making the 90 degree turn in such a small space. Part of the problem was most marine suppliers carry plumbing bits up to 1.5 inch hose diameter. With just a few bits up to 2 inches.
Coosa adapter with drain fitted.
In the end, the solution was to remove the 1.5 inch ABI deck drain, and replace with a 2 inch deck drain. In this case with a 90 degree 2 inch hose tail pipe. This required adapting the port for the drain to be lowered below deck by about 1.5 inches so that the tail pipe matched the side hull discharge port. With some Coosa board and creative use of the CNC machine, I fabricated such an adapter.
Fitted to underside of deck
After cutting and shaping the deck area from the old drain, the new drain was pre-fitted and sealed into the coosa board adapter. The adapter then was glued (with Plexus) to the underside of the deck, held in with some tapping screws. Finally, the drain and the discharge port were connect with a small section of 2 inch exhaust hose.
Still needs some cleanup, sanding and fairing.
It turns out that this solution is functionally better, as there are now 2 inch drains through and through for maximum drainage. Unfortunately, there is no room to plumb a diversion to collect rainwater from the deck. Oh well. The drain does look a bit funky from the top with the sunken coosa adapter, but I still need to sand/trim/grind/fair the area for eventual paint to make it look pretty. This area will be covered by an access grate anyway.

All that just in time for pressure washer weekend (today!).

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