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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Various Deck Tasks: Caprail, Coaming Lockers

As the saying goes, "boats don't build themselves"...

This weekend sees work on the caprail and the cockpit coaming.

The caprail will be the PlasTeak stuff. I am starting out with the small pieces near the bowsprit, to get a feel for how to work with this stuff (how it cuts, routes,  bends, etc.). Then work my way back.
Test fitting of caprail plastic wood.

Also on the agenda is the cockpit coaming locker. I have had this locker glassed in and access openings cut for some time now, covered with plastic to keep the weather out. I glued in the flanges for the openings a couple days ago. Today I hope to see the insides painted more permanent (yet still temporary) coverings installed, with weather stripping.
Coaming locker flange fitted and installed

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