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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Rub Rail Test Fit

I have started test fitting the port side rubrail. The idea is to use 2" x 2" Plasteak (1.5" x 1.5" actual) topped with a 3/4 inch wide stainless rubstrake (later). This is how it looks so far...

Initial observations...

  • The plasteak stands a little proud. I might consider slicing off a quarter or half inch off the back.
  • I placed it lower from the caprail than what is usually seen on other Westsail 42s, and my eye says it looks too low. But, the paint plan is to have a dark stripe of paint underneath the caprail, styled after the Pacific Seacraft Crealocks. That may balance out the distances. I wonder how I can simulate that dark stripe without actually painting anything permanent.
Anyway, no rush on this. I will keep this attached and see how it grows on me. More action here can wait till hull topside paint (not this year). I may attach a stainless rubstrake and see how it affects the look.

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