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Saturday, October 05, 2013

Router Table... Finally

This seemingly easy project has been dogged by locating parts, product back orders and the warm summer weather (focusing on other projects).
Table surface, fence, dust collection hood

This is the final router table to be used for finish work. It is a 2' x 3'-ish router table surface, built into a base cabinet, with a motorized router lift mechanism. Features...

  • adjustable fence, with dust collection hood and slots for other accessories
  • motorized lift allows bit height adjustment down to a 1/1000 of an inch
  • height adjustment is variable speed
  • foot switch for adjusting height
  • dust collection hooks into the existing system of ducts in the shop
  • router motor is a 1.25 HP Porter Cable with a Precise Bits collett system.

Router lift control panel

Closeup if bit and aperture

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