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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Steering "Damp" Fit

"Damp" in that it is not a complete "dryfit", but not yet a permanent "wetfit". Ha.

The main reduction gear, tiller arm, draglink and torque tubes are all fitted in place as to where they are intended to go. As is often the case with boats, a lot of "fit and trim" went into this project (fitting, trimming, fitting again, trimming again, etc.). Initial testing by manually twisting the torque tubes, indicates a nice smooth rudder movement. No slop or backlash.

The most difficult tasks for this project were 1) getting sticky with resin again (I am not that fond of that stuff anymore), and 2) cutting the mounting plate on the CNC at 0.02" depth per pass at ten inches per minute (total cutting time was about twenty hours).

Remaining tasks include adding some lateral bracing, framing the berth perimeter surface and paint to make it all look pretty.

So all this mechanical stuff has to be removed one... more... time.

Following my "one person, one tool" rule,  the main steering gear assembly is designed to be unbolted and lifted out of the compartment as one piece by one person and one tool (well, ok, two tools for a few bolts).

The following pictures tell the story of how things went in. More details when things are permanent (maybe next weekend).

Double checking the centerline alignment

Spotting the 2x4 frame to help position the final framing

Spot gluing compartment framing. Later tabbed with fiberglass.

Test fit of steering gear assembly

Final dry assembly with tiller arms and draglink

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