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Friday, November 08, 2013


I had placed the order for this thing from our local rigging shop months ago, but I said "don't rush this if you have higher priority jobs." Seems they took me up on this as it was finally ready a couple weeks ago. lol. No matter, I really was not in a rush and they did a good job.

For you non-sailors, the bobstay is part of the forward rigging of the main mast. it is held in tension with the forestay, joined at a plate on the forward bow pulpit. It helps keep the main mast from falling backward.

Construction is essentially a solid stainless steel rod, size -30 (about 0.5 inch diameter) with a large turnbuckle on one end and toggles on both ends .

Toggle and turnbuckle "upper" end

Toggle on the "lower" end

Test fit, lower end

Test fit, upper end
Many thanks to our friends Andy and Keith at NW Rigging. I suspect we will be working more with them this next year (lifelines, masts, etc.).
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