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Friday, November 08, 2013


I had placed the order for this thing from our local rigging shop months ago, but I said "don't rush this if you have higher priority jobs." Seems they took me up on this as it was finally ready a couple weeks ago. lol. No matter, I really was not in a rush and they did a good job.

For you non-sailors, the bobstay is part of the forward rigging of the main mast. it is held in tension with the forestay, joined at a plate on the forward bow pulpit. It helps keep the main mast from falling backward.

Construction is essentially a solid stainless steel rod, size -30 (about 0.5 inch diameter) with a large turnbuckle on one end and toggles on both ends .

Toggle and turnbuckle "upper" end

Toggle on the "lower" end

Test fit, lower end

Test fit, upper end
Many thanks to our friends Andy and Keith at NW Rigging. I suspect we will be working more with them this next year (lifelines, masts, etc.).


Jan Laan said...

Nice bob stay arrangement.I was looking for ideas for this and duckduckgo brought me to your blog.

I am somewhat worried though by the toggle on the lower end.
I suspect that the toggle has been cold-bent; made shiny and match-drilled for the attachment to the hull fitting.

This has left residual tensile stress of yield stress magnitude in the outer surface of the bend making the area highly susceptible for stress corrosion cracking.
That's what makes swages in that location fail sooner or later since those can not be stress relieved for the simple reason that the stress keeps the swaged connector on the wire.

However; there is no reason your bent toggle could not be stress relieved to considerably reduce the risk of early failure due to stress corrosion.

I also wonder whether you have given any thoughts to provide cathodic protection to the bob stay in the way of some zinc or do you plan to take it up in the bonding system?

The arrangement on the boat I recently bought ( 1970 teak Garden ketch 39'-6")had no provision for either and the swaged lower fork on the bob stay cable as well that end of the cable ( 3/8" 7 x 19)had horribly failed.

Good luck with your project.


Robert Sutton said...

Jan thanks for the comment.

The toggles are not custom, but an off-the-shelf 'rig quality' for lack of a better term. Of course, my setup is not swaged, but is in fact rod.

As for the cathodic protection, yes, there is a port on the hull fitting to attach a zinc if needed.