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Sunday, December 01, 2013

Another Grab Bag Weekend

Lots of little things done... no major tasks finished...

Engine Exhaust Port

With the steering gear and supporting framing installed, I was able to spot the engine exhaust port. With the boat being a center cockpit design, and the engine more amidships, finding the space to route the exhaust aft can be difficult. I have seen some Westsail 42's talke the easy rounte and vent out the port side. But we want to get the exhaust as aft as possible. I managed to find a spot about 12 inches above the (expected) waterline, while still keeping a gradual downward slope in the exhaust hose.
Exhaust Port
This is a Vetus rubber exhaust port for a 2 3/8 inch exhaust tube. It is clamped to the hull with a stainless trim ring and six machine screws. More on this later.

Mizzen Mast Compression Post

As with the main mast, it is a 3 inch diameter polished stainless steel tube. There is a wire chase slot on the lower end for mizzen mast electrical bits.
Mizzen Mast Compression Post

Mizzen thru-deck Conduit

Little Portlights

We now have two 3 by 10 inch "mini" portlights mounted on the front cabin trunk. Opening these while streaming into the wind should provide a little breeze through the boat.
Fwd Portlights

Forward Pocket Doors

The forward doors up till now were just MDF templates to test out the pocket slide mechanism. They have been replaced by the 3/4 inch marine plywood versions cut for final fit as well as the half inch plywood face to complete the "pocket". The doors still need to be finished with the as of yet decided color and finish material (veneer? paint? laminate?).

Fwd Salon/Fwd Head Pocket Door

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