Sunday, December 15, 2013

Engine Exhaust "Tailpipe"... IN!

The final installation of the steering gear, led to final spotting of the engine exhaust port, which then led to the final exhaust hose, or, "tailpipe".

The hose made for wet exhaust systems is really heavy stuff. The walls are made of thick rubber reinforced with a special fabric and two spiral wires of stainless steel. To cut it, a sawzall and a large pair of wire cutters are needed. Getting this stuff to bend the way you want it is a test of patience.

This is the outlet hose coming from the gooseneck which is on the other side of the bulkhead to the right of the picture.

This is the same outlet hose leading to a 90 degree fiberglass fitting and the thru-hull outlet.
Here is the tailpipe assembly in its entirety. It slopes gently downward leading aft. As you can see, the black hull insulation was cut and laid first.
With the exhaust done, the compartment with the exhaust and steering bits can be covered up with the acess panels (for now, until the next project). This area is now the "captains", uh... "admirals" bunk. In the short term, it will likely be a "crap collector" as projects continue throughout the boat.

This is the exterior exhaust port. Size 2 3/8 inch ID, as is the size for the rest of the system. All fittings double clamped with AWAB stainless hose clamps.

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