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Sunday, December 08, 2013

Frozen Boat @ 24 Degrees F

It was twenty four degrees F when I woke up this morning. It has been freezing for the past few days. I did not get a chance to empty the fresh water tanks. I thought that with the insulation an a space heater, the tanks would be fine. The concern is the expanding freezing water will damage the tanks

The wireless thermometer has been showing a cabin temperature of about 40 degrees F. But I am concerned it is a bit colder under the floors.
One of the space heaters keeping the cabin warm

I pulled up the floorboards and found that the water in the forward sump (always a little there) was frozen solid. This has made me nervous so I placed a couple space heaters in the bilge to get some draft going under the tanks.

With two space heaters on high, I have had to run extra extension cords, plugged into different house circuits to prevent breakers from popping.
Space heater in the bilge around the fresh water plumbing

This exercise as revealed a weakness in the boats AC wiring. Currently all AC outlets are switched on one 15A breaker. Technically, I should be able to run both heaters on the boat's 30A supply. But both heaters overload the one 15A breaker. Now we don't expect to run AC heaters when launched, but with other possible appliances in the future (microwave, etc.) I can see this being a limitation. So, I will be splitting the AC outlet circuits into two: one port, one starboard.

As for the tanks, I hope to drain them this afternoon if things warm up enough.

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