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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Subfloor Lighting

Not quite a disco... but close.

Having to pull up floors, hold a flashlight, and reach in to wrench on things is a perfect recipe for dropping items into the abyss that is the bilge. Now imagine doing that at sea with extra motion to throw you off.

Presenting subfloor lighting using LED strips to aid ones vision when wrenching on such things. A single switch lights up the corners of the engine room and underneath the aft floors. The lighting will help illuminate the engine, steering mechanisms, prop shaft, exhaust bits, shaft seals, etc. The same switch can also change the color of the LEDs.

Aft cabin floors removed. Steering and drive shaft bits.

Engine room. Steering mechanism and (future) engine.

Engine room. Forward bulkhead.

Night vision red.

Night vision red.

Cue the bad 70's disco music...

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