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Saturday, February 22, 2014

New Old Shop: Early Beginnings

As was hinted in the previous post, a new shop is in the works. So far, the main garage has served as a fiberglass/mechanics/wood shop. There is lots of stuff and it has displaced nearly every vehicle that was once stored (we only can fit the one smallest of our motorcycles). Attempts to covert it for finish woodwork has made it even more crowded and messy.

The new shop will be in an existing structure adjacent to our location. It is an old barn, built around 1900, on a full concrete foundation with concrete slab floors. It will provide 350 sq feet of main shop floor with plenty space in the loft for storage. The current idea is the garage will be kept for mechanical projects and the barn will be for woodworking (and perhaps the few remaining glass projects).
Future main shop space
This is not exactly a turnkey project, however. After decades of neglect, the structure needs lots of TLC:
  • roof repairs/replacement, 
  • exterior paint, 
  • landscaping
  • demolition of rotting exterior "lean-to" structures
  • trimming/removal of some overgrown trees
  • installation of a perimeter fence
And before I can even move one piece of equipment inside:
  • interior paint
  • electrical wiring survey
  • upgrade electrical service to include 220V
  • domestic water service
More as it happens...

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