Saturday, July 25, 2015

New Wood Shop Tour

Yes, it has been a long time to get here. Recall we acquired a barn in an adjacent lot. This expanded our back yard and gave us room to move the (just finished) garage wood shop, into the barn. The barn's interior has been painted and wired with plenty of outlets, including some 220v circuits, in anticipation of the wood working equipment. Here is a quick tour moving counter-clockwise around the structure...

Here is barn with the main door open.
To the left of the main door is wood storage. Sheet stock in the movable plywood caddy, wall shelf cabinets to store small bits of hardwoods.
Left corner of the east wall: band saw, planer, chop/radial arm saw. The band saw and planer are on mobile platforms in order to roll them into the open to handle large/long pieces.
Right corner of the east wall: work-surface (downdraft sanding table underneath), router table, large disc/belt sander.
Left corner of the south wall: woodworking table, bench-top drill press, wall shelf cabinets, bench-top disc/belt sander.
Middle of the south wall: spindle sander, (another) bench-top drill press, jointer on a mobile base stored underneath.
Right corner of the south wall: desk with workstation, shelves, heater. Storage of small but important bits like measuring devices, pencils, rulers, levels, etc are here. The stairs to the loft are shown in the right if the picture.
West wall: clamps, saw horses, air supply.
Adjacent room houses the 4' x 4' CNC machine.
Another adjacent "semi-external" room houses the dust collectors (one for the CNC machine, the other for the tools in the main shop), and air compressor.

Alright, enough shop talk. We should be ready to ease into interior finishing.

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