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Friday, December 11, 2015

Wood Species Comparisons

For the next experiment we will be trying out khaya veneered plywood. Here is a sample of the plywood with various wood inlays. The ideas for the interior include contrasting accent trim. Probably a lighter color wood.
In the above picture, from top to bottom we have: maple, beech, alder, cherry, teak, sapele. The smartphone picture doesn't capture the real colors very well. The last three are out. Either the colors clash or not enough contrast. Of the top three, maple and alder look good, with maple having the nicer grain. I'm not fond of beech's speckled grain (similar to oak, which I don't care for either).   

This next picture demonstrates differences in finish. On the left: two coats of Epiphanes rubbed-effect varnish. On the right: two coats of Z-Spar satin varnish. Both are intended for a "less glossy" finish. But as you can see, the Epiphanes shows much more gloss than Z-Spar. For the interior, minimizing reflection and glare is preferred. Z-Spar seems the best of these two finishes.
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