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Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Stripping Deck Gelcoat Non-Skid with the PaintShaver Pro (Video)

So here it is. The fastest and easiest method to remove the thick gelcoat non-skid from the deck.

The tools is the "PaintShaver Pro" ( Originally designed to strip paint from home siding, sold in two versions: original and marine. The difference between the two being the marine version has diamond tipped teeth instead of carbide.

The features:

  • dust attachment and hose. Connect it to your shop-vac and there is absolutely zero loose dust generated by the tool.
  • the diamond teeth cuts through the gelcoat quite easily.
  • no pressure applied, just the weight of the tool is resting on the deck. If anything, a little lift is required to keep the surface smooth
  • adjustable cutting depth

For this application, after using the Paint Shaver, I "finished" the deck with an angle grinder and 5 inch 36 grit discs. Just light pressure to help level the surface.

The tool does leaves small circular marks in the surface. If one were to paint the decks, further prep such as epoxy coating/filler and/or high build primer followed by finish sanding would be required. We are considering one of the fake teak deck products so a simple strip of the gelcoat should be enough.

Bought new the PaintShaver runs about $1000USD, but used ones appear on eBay regularly for around $600USD.

Total time: less then two hours for the top of the main cabin trunk. And I was taking my time.
Stripped Main Cabin Trunk. Right has been 'finished' with the grinder.
Short video of the process

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